We are always honored to work with each one of our special clients. We love to hear our clients tell their storiest about how much they enjoyed their time with us, as well as how much they enjoy their final portraits. Here are a few kind testimonials we’ve received after a variety of different types of wedding, commercial, and family portrait sessions.  Please check out our image collections to see samples of each kind of work that we do.  We hope to work with you on a fun and relaxed photography session soon!

Pete is amazing at what he does! He has the eye and artistic talent to capture style, emotion, and specific concepts.
He is extremely professional and organized which makes it easy for a model like me to work with him.

– Sumeet (Sam) Khera  Model/Actor

(Sam…What can we say? Actor. Model. Comedian. Student. Example. Servant. Sam, you are unparalleled. We’re proud to say we know you!)

The Biffspandex team is comprised of a group of very professional and optimistic enthusiasts who are an absolute pleasure to work with. They are full of innovative ideas, and will work with you to ensure that you are comfortable and get the shots that you are going to be happy with.

They are a lot of fun to work with and will treat you with the respect and common courtesy that we all deserve.

I would work with Peter and Christine again on pretty much any project that they are working on as I know it will be a successful one.

Thank-you for the wonderful experience guys!

– Dale Mouscos

(Dale. Wow! You are a woman of strength. Disciplined. Sensitive. Dynamic…and a poet to boot! We’ve always enjoyed working with you and spending time talking before and after shoots. Working together has truly been a blessing. We’re proud of you!)

Working with Peter Finnie was one of the best experiences I have undergone while modeling. He makes the set so comfortable with continuous jokes. The outcome from this relaxed atmosphere was some of my strongest portfolio shots. They really turned out being more natural, which was great for my portfolio. I’m dying to work with this character again, seeing as he is just someone who is really enjoyable to work with!

– Stacey Russell

(Stacey is just FUN! Christine and I have gotten to know Stacey both through modeling shoots and outside of the modeling business. She’s always laughing and finding a way to get everyone giggling. She has a wonderful sense of humour and a confidence about her. We love ya Stacey!)

Peter Finnie…Upbeat, creative & fun are just a few adjectives describing the set of a fantastic Finnie photo shoot! Peter is professional, in all aspects of his work behind the lens, while not missing an opportunity to make the models, and crew, feel comfortable & a valuable part of the process.

I always jump at an opportunity to work with Peter, knowing that I’ll enjoy every moment- from getting a fabulous makeup job done by his lovely wife, Christine, to capturing some candid creative moments before wrapping set.

I’m certain we’ll continue to witness more magnificent images from this Finni-tastic Photographer in the future!

– Nancy M (model)

(Our only way to descibe Nancy is to say..WOW! She’s joyful, dynamic, fun, beautiful, and a blast to be around. We’ve always enjoyed Nancy’s company and attitude when working with her!)

I recently had Christine and Peter do pictures of me as an anniversary present for my husband. He has always told me he thinks it would be cool if I got some “sexy” photos done. When I met Christine and Peter I was very impressed with the work that they had done for other people and knew they would be able to put together something great for me. I will admit I was a little nervous about the whole thing because I am not even close to a professional model, but they did a great job making me feel comfortable and beautiful. I really liked that they put together a book for me that was sexy and beautiful without being dirty. It was very tastefully done and many of my friends are now interested in getting their own book done someday.

– R

(We truly enjoyed working with R on her special gift for her husband. Her Mom was also very kind and helpful on the day of the shoot. It was a great experience working on such a special project for a couple so truly in love. We loved hearing the story about how you guys met and turned the corner romantically in your relationship. It was a special story. Thanks R for sharing!)

Working with Peter and Christine Finnie was the most comfortable and fun experience a model could have.

I was immediately at ease and felt like I had known them both my whole life from the minute I met them.

The shoot went by super fast and the energy levels were still high  we had a blast! The Biggest Bonus?  The pictures were amazing!  Peter is one talented photographer and Christine’s Make-up was great.

I’ve worked with Peter again, and again, and each time the ideas, fun, and results are amazing!

Thanks Peter and I hope to continue working with you and your team in the future!

– Nia Ray

(Christine and I can’t say enough about working with Nia! She’s a true professional in her career and she has a sparkling personality that shines through everything she does. We first worked with her for some modeling head shots, met her family, and have worked on several commercial shoots since then. We wish her the best in her move to San Francisco!)